Pushing the Boundaries: A Journey into Leadership and Industry 4.0

Sometimes, unexpected questions have the power to ignite new paths and possibilities. Michal Ukropec found himself at a crossroads when an attending publisher proposed writing a book about leadership. Uncertain if Industry 4.0 was his expertise topic, Michal reflects on this intriguing proposition. In this blog post, we delve into Michal's experience, the pleasure of being part of the HRcomm community, and the potential of pushing the boundaries.

Michal Ukropec recounts the surprising question that came his way after his presentation: "Don't you want to write a book about leadership?" The inquiry's unexpected nature left Michal contemplating his expertise's direction. Unsure if Industry 4.0 was the sole topic he should focus on, the proposal opened up new possibilities and prompted introspection.

Michal expresses his gratitude to Ludmila for extending the invitation to be part of the HRcomm community. The opportunity to spend time within this vibrant community allowed him to connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and gain fresh perspectives. The supportive environment fostered growth and nurtured the exploration of new horizons.

The proposition of writing a book on leadership ignited a spark within Michal, prompting him to consider pushing the boundaries of his expertise. Although Industry 4.0 has been a central focus, the potential to delve into leadership and its intricacies intrigued him. Michal reflects on the possibilities ahead, contemplating how his insights and experiences could contribute to the discourse on leadership and inspire others.

Michal's last year's diary, spanning 60 pages, hints at the potential for capturing his thoughts and experiences within the pages of a book. While uncertain about the specific topic, Michal remains open to embracing the future and exploring the intersection of leadership and Industry 4.0. The journey of pushing the boundaries holds promise and offers a chance to delve into uncharted territories.

The unexpected proposition of writing a book about leadership propels Michal Ukropec into a realm of contemplation and possibility. With gratitude for the invitation to be part of the HRcomm community, Michal reflects on the potential for pushing the boundaries of his expertise. As he ponders the intersection of leadership and Industry 4.0, Michal embraces the unknown, ready to embark on a new journey of exploration, growth, and inspiring others through his insights and experiences.

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