Case Study: White goods manufacturer

€ 40k
1 week
€ 120k
saved yearly
€ 7mil
in production increase

Material order automation



Logistic operators navigate around the facility, searching for materials to deliver or empty packaging to remove from the line, often doing so randomly or following predefined cycles. This practice frequently leads to idle periods in production throughout the day due to material shortages, resulting in cumulative downtime. Additionally, there is a prevalent issue of uneven driver utilization, with some operators overloaded while others engage in non-productive activities such as browsing social media.


Employing Android devices equipped with our companion app, dedicated ordering buttons, or direct line connectivity, twinzo can autonomously coordinate work orders among manufacturing stations, material pickers, and forklift drivers. When configured as a comprehensive solution, it establishes a shared pool of available drivers, ensuring a more equitable distribution of tasks. This approach eliminates idle times and promotes a balanced utilization of the fleet across the entire operation.


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55 000 sqm

brown field facility

20 minuts a day

of cumulated idle time of production

34 forklifts

equiped with Android tablets

Designated stations

for every driver = uneven utilisation


20 min daily

of production idle time

34 forklifts

with 3 drivers for each

Uneven utilization

varying from 10% to 104%

Production delays

as production was lacking behind the plan


less than 2 min daily

of production idle time.

32 forklifts

with 3 drivers for each

60% fleet utilization

across all forklifts

5% increase

in porducted goods output